How To Celebrate Your 50th Birthday!

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How do you/did you celebrate your 50th Birthday?

I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday by stepping on stage.

After taking over a year off from competing, I got back on stage. I had some self doubt that I would be able to stand up on the stage and be competitive again at 50.

I wasn’t truly sure of myself when I began this journey. I simply took it 1 day at a time and continued to push myself daily to be my personal best.

One might ask what was I thinking, wanting to stand on stage next to girls my daughters age and choose to be  judged with a fine tooth comb. Well… I used it as a tool to motivate myself.

My body didn’t respond quickly like it use to, but it did finally come around in it’s own stubborn way. It was a battle of the wits for sure. Who would quit 1st, the mind or the body?

I made the decision to change up my routine vs pushing too hard and risking injuries. Changing our comfortable routines at 50 is not something that comes easy.

I changed my entire workout along with changing some of my favorite foods. The payoff was Amazing! My body surrendered to the changes and I came into the best me ever!!

I was not the old me on stage but I was a better me. My confidence was so much stronger. I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride that I had never experienced before. I challenged myself and opened myself up to changes that resulted in an amazing experience.

I won in multiple categories and won an overall sword award!

My advise to you is never limit yourself as to what you can achieve by your age. Be open to making changes from you regular routine even thou it is difficult to do. Accept and embrace who you are.  Our differences are what makes us special. Press forward daily to be a better you then you were the day before in baby steps. Life is not a race. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there. Turtle speed will get you to your destination just the same. Enjoy the journey 🙂

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Getting Started… …

Stay committed to yourself…

How committed are you willing to be toward your goals?

How willing are you?

If you are 100% willing, your results will be 100% achievable…

However is you are only 80% willing, your results will only be 80% achievable…

Lets take this theory another step. If you are only 20% willing, you results will only be 20% achievable…

This is your personal journey…

This isn’t a race and does not have to be accomplished over night.

Set yourself achievable goals…

Begin with daily, then weekly, then monthly goals…

Reward yourself for your personal accomplishments as you go along. Be sure you select rewards that are not sabotaging your goals. Rewards do not have to be food…

Get creative. What motivates you?

Getting in the Best Shape of your Life…Begins with you! Let’s Fight Together For Your Best You!

Honestly there are no secrets other then the desire to want more for yourself…

The desire for more energy & endurance, the desire to be healthier, and the desire to have a better overall look/appearance.

It’s time to put yourself at the top of your priority list! A concept we all seem to forget as we raise our families & put others always before ourselves. Now is the time to tell yourself it’s okay to take time for yourself and allow yourself permission on a daily basis to take more control of your world & of yourself & put you back in the driver’s seat. WHY??? Because your worth it! That’s why. So Lets get you started today!

The desire & the want to get in the best shape of your life is all you really need to begin! Followed by the drive within yourself to be consistent at what it takes to hold yourself accountable.

The key is a lifestyle change! Don’t think of this as a diet, it can be made much easier when you start to change your mind set.

To get started today, try the following suggestions:

***Please don’t let these steps intemidate you or make you feel overwhelmed! My goal here is not to bring out feelings of anxiety! So take all these steps into consideration & work within your comfort zone but also know little by little there will come a time to allow no fear, past mistakes or excuses to drive you away from staying on course & keeping you focused on the desire that brought you here to fight for the best you!!!

Always keep in mind along your journey that no two people are exactly alike, so what works for you may differ from friends you know or even siblings or members in your own family… There are many reasons behind our differences, from personal injuries, illnesses as well as hormone imbalance and vitamin deficiencies. We will do our best to break this all down for you step by step over time, in an effort to understanding our own bodies and how to achieve the best results for ourselves. This is all about you and your personal journey to your personal best.

Start a journal… It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a piece of paper will do. for an entire week/7 days write down every detail.

Food Journal – write down everything you put into your mouth, food and drinks and the time of day
Exercise Journal- write down any and all activities, no matter how small

After a few day you will begin to see some patterns, these patterns will help you to understand yourself a little better and that is where we can begin to correct the habits that are keeping you from your best you.

The next step with your food journal, is to look up the details for every single bite you took. Look up not just the calories, but the fat, sugar, carbs, fiber and protein. We are searching for nutritional value. Do the same for you exercise journal,look up all the calories you burned. You should now have a bunch of numbers for each day that you can add together to get a total for the week. 1st look at simple Calories in vs calories burned… Does your food calories in total exceed you exercise calories burned total? In short, more food calories in then exercise calories burned WILL result in continued weight GAIN if you keep on this path. The goal is to have a higher calories burned then calories in, this will enable us to begin reducing our overall weight. *Note: there are free programs available online that will calculate all this information for you. I use, its very easy to use and understand.

Weight loss is not our only goal, this is where the lifestyle change comes in. We are seeking nutrition, good quality food to use as fuel, not just filler foods that ultimately are a large part of making us unhealthy and over weight. Begin to really read labels at the grocery store before you purchase your foods, because once the food makes it to your home it will be eaten at some point. Save yourself the frustrations, the time, the energy and the money and take the time at the store to shop smarter. Search for food low in sugar, with as few ingredients as possible. When possible always go fresh 1st. Stick with vegetables that are dark in color like green, red and purple. Try to avoid yellow like corn.The darker greens will hold the high nutritional value where the yellows tend to have less.

Be sure you are taking in enough protein. Try to eat your protein in a more natural form. Keep in mind the more processed our food is, the harder our bodies have to work to get the nutrient from it. When selected your meats, always select lower fat cuts when possible. You can not build muscle without protein and over time you will lose muscle you have without enough protein in your diet to maintain it.

Increase your fiber intake to 25 grams a day… You may think you are getting enough but once you study your food journal you will begin to see you are most likely lacking the proper fiber in your daily diet. Fibers are found in many foods but are usually a very low number individually. It takes many bowls of oatmeal to reach the daily recommended amount of 25 mg a day. You can always take supplements to reach the recommended daily amount but even better you can read those food labels and find real foods. Putting aside all the medical reasons behind why we need fiber in our diets, think about this fact. Fiber helps makes us feel full and keeps us feeling full longer. This alone should motivate you to get your fiber in.

Water Water Water… I can’t emphasize enough how important water is. Your body requires water to operate properly. When your water intake in too low, you are headed to nothing trouble. It is recommended we drink at least 8 yes 8, 8oz glasses of water a day. If you are active you may need more, I personally always start my day with filling a big fresh gallon of water, I carry that gallon around with me until it is empty. It’s not a pretty look, but it does the trick for me, You may want to pull out smaller water bottles and number them to equal you 8 8 oz glasses, when your bottles are gone you are done with your minimum water you must drink for the day. You can always get a pretty smaller contain and keep refilling it, as long as you track your total. What ever way works for you is the best way! We all need to do it the best way that works for us, as long as at the end of the day we completed our tasks to reach our goals.

Next step is to get moving… Start to do anything that gets you moving, walking, biking, or just marching in place in front of the tv. You have to start someplace and it all works! Don’t Set you goals so high that you can’t achieve them. Start small and work you way into a regular daily routine. Once you level off that is when you need to take it to another level. For now just get moving! A great inexpensive tool to track your steps is a pedometer. you can purchase them just about anyplace in the sporting good department for less then $20. *note: once you get a pedometer, test your steps for a day. The following day try add just 300 steps, then continue adding 300 steps each day/week/month depending on you ability and desire working toward a ultimate goal of 10,000 steps a day.

These simple steps are ones where we can all start to better ourselves. You need to start small and work your way up. Remember to always be proud of who you are and the steps you are taking toward a better and healthier you. Never take a mistake of a bad snack or meal and turn it into a complete bad day. Accept what you did and end it. Many people make this mistake of a cheat day or just a bad day, Really stop that thinking and limit yourself and the damages. Fixing a bad meal means adjusting your exercise up a little to compensate for the extras you consumed. It never means to blow off the entire day because that will compound over time and result in more weight gain. This is not our goal. If you have a cheat meal planned, please take the time to enjoy it, Just be sure your cheat meals are limited for the best over; results.

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