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Theresa Orsini @ 48 years old – 1st overall win

My Life Became My Motto “Yes I Can”

Hi, I’m Theresa Orsini of Late Bloomer Fitness, a 51 year old National level NPC Bikini competitor. I was born & raised in Jersey, till age 7. So I guess you can call me a Jersey girl. Well at least at heart. I was married for 25 years & have 2 children. My babies are now grown up, and moved out and both attend Arizona State University. I found as my kids were getting older, I had a lot more time on my hands. For the first time in my life I found myself setting goals for myself & being in the driver seat of my life as opposed to being in the background as a supporting role to raise a family.

I never participated in any type of sports as a child or any part of my life but as my kids were growing up, I found myself interacting more and more in activities with them. I started cardio classes and got hooked, I became a cardio queen.

When my son was in high school I signed him up with a personal trainer to gain more self confidence and muscle control, to assist him in tennis and golf. The result of getting my son involved in weight training was the true beginning of my own story. The trainer approached me and suggested me adding weight training to my cardio for better results. I took his advice and began seeing small changes immediately in my body.

I was diagnosed as a pre diabetic during this time, so I went to see a nutritionist. It is important to know I also had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies. What a blessing this became in my life. This junk food junky was forced to change her eating habits. I found the best way to manage my disease was simply with a healthy diet and exercise. I was determined to stay healthy.

I continued my weekly workouts and finally found a trainer that was a perfect match for me. He pushes me to be my personal best, he forced me to step up my game and taught me to eat for nutrition not for entertainment. He introduced me to protein drinks and proper snacks. I began to add more weight training the more I saw my body responding. As a result, the more I added and became dedicated, the more changes I saw. This started other people noticing my changing physique as well.

My trainer suggested I do a NPC Figure contest and I declined. I was mom and wife and was comfortable in the background at that time. Well my trainer wound up pushing me right onto the stage for my 1st NPC Figure contest at 47 years old. I had no idea what to expect. He said I was ready and the judges agreed with him, I won!

I had a series of medical issues following the contest that included 5 surgeries, 3 fractures in my right foot, which resulted in a cast up to my knee that was to be for only 6 weeks that turned out to be for 6 months and several severe infections. Believe it or not this made me stronger. I developed a “yes I can” attitude and was not going to let anything hold me back. I continued to train the entire time through my health issues and even attended fitness boot camps as well as did the step mill cardio machine & leg training with my cast on & yes including squats & leg press. I began to push myself harder everyday.

As a result of my new no surrender attitude, my cast was removed and 2 weeks later I was on stage participating in my very 1st NPC Bikini contest in Tucson, AZ. This qualified me to do national level NPC Bikini contests. My goals for the future are to continue to compete and possibly have the opportunity at the National level to turn IFBB Pro in Bikini.

I love the Bikini division and I am so pleased to see it was added to the line up through the NPC. I feel Bikini division will allow me as well as others to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle year round. It’s a sport you can literally just step on stage and be yourself and show the world who you are based on the way you maintain your body on the regular not just your contest weight but your everyday look all year round! I am not a yo yo dieter so when you see me on stage, this is how you see me at home all year long.

There are so many great competitors out there that I have competed against. Trust me whether I compete in the Master Classes or Open Class, I have to battle every time! It’s just an amazing experience to meet such nice people through this process and even the competitors I’m battling against are so complimentary to me. It’s crazy to think these people should be your enemy back stage but they become your close friends and biggest fans.

I still experienced challenges and obstacles daily that could stop me but I continue to push myself to my limits. My motto, truly became my life “yes I can”. Life keeps putting up barriers and I am here to knock them down. I am in the very best shape of my life and I have never felt better. Age is simply a number and when you take control of your health, you become ageless. I want others to feel the way I do, I want others to see that you don’t have to be young to feel young.

I love fitness and plan to keep it in my daily routine forever. My ultimate goal is to be a role model by the way I live my life, to show my kids as well as others that anything is possible at any age.

Late Bloomer Fitness/ Late Bloomer Theresa was born out of & for all those that started realizing their full potential came later in life!

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